Look great this Summer
11th Mar 2019


Leopard print is one of the most iconic patterns in fashion, dating as far back as the days when Egyptian Pharaohs walked the earth, in style. Many women have embraced the trend because of the association the print has with the word FIERCE, and in many instances, dressing in leopard causes a roaring stir. We aren’t encouraging you to dress in leopard head to toe, but if the shoe fits…buy it.

Here are 6 easy ways to dress up in leopard print: 1. Pair it with a white tee. The simplicity of a white top paired with leopard at the bottom (skirt or pant) makes a fashionable statement without being too loud. Shop the look now.
2. LLD = the little leopard dress. Invest in a body con or tight-fitting leopard print dress for an instant HOT MAMA statement, paired with red heels and a red lip, it’s a killer look without death stares. View our dresses here.
3. Add some sunshine yellow! Leopard and colour can work…if paired correctly and with a plain top or bottom. Try it. The colours we suggest you test with leopard print are mustard, neon yellow or khaki, in keeping with the jungle theme that leopard print evokes. Check out our range of tees now.
4. Roar in denim! Leopard denim is a rare but GREAT find. Look in store for our “last of the bestsellers” stock in selected stores, we had an awesome pair of grey and brown leopard skinny jeans.
5. Slip on some leopard! Leopard print mules are the hottest must-have. And leopard heels or sandals, great runner’s up. When you step out in leopard, you instantly tell the world, I am here and I am stylish. Shoes with print are great to wear with plain dresses or denim shorts and plain tees. See options here to help you create your own style.
6. Wrap it up…leopard print scarves, in summer or winter, are oh-so-chic. Pair this on-trend accessory with a white tee or denim jacket for casual cool, or black blazer or black dress for formal gorgeousness. Already rocking the look? Share your pics on social, and tag us in, we will be sure to send you a EXCITED HAPPY FACE tiger and FIRE emojis!
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