Top 5 basics to CYOS
11th Mar 2019


Can what you wear really affect your mood? Absolutely! There are several studies confirming exactly this. Colour psychology also suggests that the colour you choose to wear can affect your behaviour and aura (how people view or receive you) and speaks before you do…so yes, people can make judgements of you based on WHAT you are wearing (style and colour) before you even utter a word.

Certain prints or styles can also evoke memories, which are powerful, and make you feel what you did on a particular day or at a past event.

So how do you adapt your mood to your outfit and vice versa? How can you take control? By reminding yourself that your style does not define you, you define your style.

Quick tips:

  • If you’re preparing for a tough day, apply the same logic that the infamous Neat Freak and Queen of Declutter, Marie Kondo (catch her show “Tidying Up” on Netflix), does, wear what brings you joy. A piece of clothing should make you smile, otherwise it isn’t worth the trial.
  • Fill your wardrobe with bright colours that suit your skin tone and hair colour!
  • Avoid wearing black on a daily basis, unless a work dress code forces you to. Don’t be afraid to be daring and mix it up, suitably.

  • Try new trends. Many consumers shy away from trends as they are short lived and often considered a waste of money. Well, with our affordable prices and unique range, we empower you to wear that very cool trend even if it only applies for one season…go ahead and own it!
  • Organise your wardrobe – make sure that your favourites are visible and that you bring the seasonal items to the front. Cleaning and clearing out also gives you the opportunity to donate the items that you no longer want to wear, and make another person’s day☺

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