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11th Mar 2019
Look great this Summer
11th Mar 2019


We all want to give our kids the best clothing (more than just once a year), and our range for little ones has been designed and made to support you in this journey. Here are our helpful tips to help you shop for your little one:

1. Indoor or outdoor play. Are you dressing them for one or the other or both? If so, there are a few things to consider such as: - Type of material (cotton is always the better option but can be pricey) - Durability of fabric. The clothing item needs to last more than 3 washes and look good. - Style of item. Some items are more comfortable to wear inside vs outside when a lot of more hyper and free play happens😊

2. Wash care. Please read the labels before washing a clothing item, to preserve the quality.

3. Special occasions. It’s always a good idea to have special items marked in their wardrobe for special days such as birthday parties or religious occasions, that are relevant to the season and their individual style.

4. Style independence. Kids know exactly what they like (they often vocalize it a million times) to wear, eat, do, etc. and as parents, when it comes to dressing them, we have the opportunity to loosen the control a bit, and give them the freedom of choice to unleash their personal style. Try it, you’ll find out a lot more about them than you thought you knew.

5. Don’t spend more than you need to. We are all about offering VALUE to you, and don’t believe that you have to “break the bank” to look good. When it comes to little ones, shop more efficiently - buy more items for less, knowing that the items won’t last too long as they are constantly growing. They may spill and spoil an item that you really love, during some innocent play or eat time, so avoid becoming attached to the worth of the item, but rather the wear you can get out of it.

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